Sunday, January 14, 2024

Lore 24: Sudilitas, the last city - the fulgurators and their origins

Jan 8: The fulgurators draw the wind to make it lightning, which they pull into the city via underground cables. There is powers the arclights inside the depths of our structures, the pumps for our water, and the mills for our grain. The towers twist and spin always, making our life possible.

Jan 9: The tunnels between the towers and Sudilitas are maintained by the smallest of we Moreaux, and are as well defended as we can make them. There are no entrances from the towers save up through the tunnels, and the viewports from the towers are too small for any to enter. 

Jan 10: Because Sudilitas accepts everyone it can, there are families of Dabbers who have trained as fulgurators, and it is they who maintain the tunnels... and their illusioncasting helps ward off those who would damage the towers. Outcasts from their kind, heroes here.

Jan 11: Sleeth also exist among our city and our fulgurators, and their hatred of RWN is.. of concern. That they "Dab in the mud of wind turbines and arclights while the fusion core AI sits unhelpful" galls them no end. Perhaps they would have been better as historians. 

Jan 12: We are fortunate enough to have a small family of Orlen with us... one whom is also a fulgurator. He learned that skill here... but it was his father's carrying of a Carrin's tomes of lore as an entry-gift that made our fulgurators more than the desperate tinkerers they are elsewhere.

Jan 13: That entry-gift opened the doors for us all. It made Sudilitas what it is today. But it lit a fire in the fulgerators about how much there is left out there to be learned. It is why they insist constantly that we are in need explorers to the old places. 

Jan 14: But that sequence of events - the Orlen's killing a Carrin and carrying its secrets here - is what has earned us the enmity of the Dark Emperors. With the withdrawal of the Ranks of the Fit and Emperor Napoleon's protections, I fear we need more than explorers. We need HEROES. 

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