Wednesday, January 31, 2024

New Salem Character #31: Verity Pryor, professional bounty hunter

Verity Pryor

Experience level: 5

Affect/Gimmick: She's a highly experienced professional bounty hunter, relaying more on her wits and ability to predict where an opponent will run, but she also has a mean right hook and killer aim. 

Gang?: Yes, she's the best hunter in the New Salem AAA Bail Bondsman offices, which means she has some back up in the form of other hunters, a tough boss with a heart of gold, and a small secretarial staff.  

Status: Verity is the niece of Raidy O'Rielly, though she is not aware that her uncle does anything other than run a legal munitions manufacturer and security company.  Still, this relationship is enough to leave her off limits from Syndicate retaliation... not that she would ever end up targeting someone higher than Tier 1 without being pulled into something by the PCs. 

Powers: 1

  1. Weakness Detection: In combat one action spent studying a target at 5" range gives her a +5 to hit for the remainder of that fight. Once she has this she will make Special Attacks to the head to knock her opponent out and end the fight. She can also use this to dig through records on her current target for 5 hours and be able to predict their next actions/find any hiding places at one difficulty level lower (save vs I on d% becomes save on I*3 on d%), etc. and can save vs. I on d20 to learn their weakness, if they have any that are in any way known or identifiable. 
Weight: 130               Basic Hits: 3    Agi Mod: +0
S: 16        E: 15         HP: 15            
A: 15        I: 15          Pow: 61          
C: 11                         Move: 46"        
Accuracy: +2 or +7 with weakness detection
Damage Mod: +2
Reactions Mod: +0
Carrying Cap: 263    HTH: 1d6
Inventions: She has super-alloy handcuffs (SR 14), a gift from an old friend in the FBI.  

Background/Origin:  Verity Pryor comes from a long line of soldiers and law enforcement, and while she did her time in the Army she didn't then jump into being a cop, finding the New Salem police force too corrupt for her liking. Instead she moved into being a bounty hunter, tied to a reputable bail bondsman. Most of her cases are pretty simple, but she's the one that AAA Bail Bonds turns to when the target could get violent. I'm not gonna say she always gets her target, but she's got a hell of a success rate. 

Someone might try to recruit her to locate the PCs, but unless they've actually jumped bail in their secret IDs someone throwing money at her to find someone will get her more sympathetic to the PCs than her putative employers. More likely she will be hunting after one of the Pcs targets - the PCs need them for information or vengeance, Verity just wants them back in court. 

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