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New Salem Character #27: Johnny Snuffbox

Johnny Snuffbox (Brice Jonathan Winthrop III)

Pyramid Tier: 0    Experience level: 2

Affect/Gimmick: He's a high society swell who is "cosplaying" as a criminal; in this case he's an Edwardian Gentleman in appearance, stylish black suit day suit and umbrella. Visual image is Colin Firth in the Importance of Being Earnest.

Gang?: Yes, the Drones, who are young men and women dressed in Edwardian clothes (all male clothes) who are in it for the adrenaline and hedonism. 

Status: He's now a known quantity in the city, tolerated by the Syndicate because his handler keeps his 'dues' paid and keeps him in check. Plus he's colorful and not overly violent.  

Powers: 2

  1. Darkness Control Device: Per the book, this has 18 charges and is performed with black magnetized metal dust that he claims is Snuff. His pocket watch contains the controls for complex performances, but the snuffbox itself has a back up system 
  2. Magnetic Powers Device: His umbrella contains his primary magnetic devices for attack and manipulation. It has an effective Strength of 10, so currently 1000 lbs of lift. (he can also use it as a club for +2/+1d4 damage,) It has 14 charges. His waistcoat contains the circuitry for his Magnetic Powers defense, which is constant with no charge or action cost (this makes him feel more than a little invulnerable).
  3. Heightened Charisma A: +11
Weight: 180                Basic Hits: 4    Agi Mod: +0
S: 12          E: 13        HP: 13
A: 14          I:  15        Pow:  54
C: 24                          Move: 39
Accuracy: +1 
Damage Mod: +2
Reactions Mod: +5
Carrying Cap: 246    HTH: 1d6
Inventions: None yet, but maybe soon 

Background/Origin: Brice Johnathan "Johnny" Winthrop was once just a number of indistinguishable socialites across the country - in his case the heir to an electrical engineering company that his father insisted he learn how it worked, hence the engineering degree - who banded together to lead more exciting lives as... Super-Villains. The quartet moved to New Salem at the advice of the Madam (who might have been the one to seed the idea), and became the Stagedoor Johnnies! Paying their protection money to the police (and while they didn't know it, Madam handled the Syndicate) they were able to do anything! Form gangs! Rob Banks! Directly Swindle Old People Out Of Their Savings! MURDER! 

While he was happy to have a gang of Edwardian-themed youths gather around him for themed crimes and thefts, Johnny Snuffbox left the bank robbing to Johnny Dastardly, the swindling to Johnny Charming, and the murder to Johnny Springheel. Yes, they would gather together to do big scores as well, but his particular and generally flashy, fun, but non-violent niche might be why he's the only one of the original four still alive. 

He's harkening for companionship outside of his tough guy and nubile Drones again, and might help Madam recruit some more Stagedoor Johnnies from the country's rich and disaffected young men

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