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Lore 24: Sudilitas, the last city - the history of Sudilitas

Jan 15: I suppose a history of the city is in order. It was three or four generations ago the Seekers of the New Dawn arrived on this land and declared the land fit to farm. They built simple structures and crude walls to muster some defense against Badders and others of the Holy Roan Empire, but fared poorly until the Peace Brigade came. 

Jan 16: The two groups saw an immediate advantage in partnering, and that was when the Brigade lay the foundations of Sudilitas as we know it. The defensive advantages of the new city let them hold off the Holy Roan Empire's feudal states, and Sudilitas became the Peace Brigades headquarters in this area. 

Jan 17: Art that point the height of the visible technology was swords and spears, bows and crossbows, windmills and water wheels for grinding grain. The Seekers accepted this level of technology, but argued and bickered over the Peace Brigades new seeds and fertilizers - what would harm the mother Earth, what would not - and accepted or rejected as they would. 

Jan 18: This changed when the Orlen appeared with the Dark Emperors books of lightning science. The Orlen were Restorationists, and the Peace Brigade sided with them. This led to intense discussion and politics before the Seekers split in two, with the more traditional of them - to be fair, the Moreaux not enamored with the Restorationist creed - left to farm outside Sudilitas territory. 

Jan 19: Relations between the departed and the city remained cordial. This was critical when their territory was attacked by a mass of of Reavers, the Friends of Entropy, intent on slaughtering them all and destroying their land. All fell behind Sudilitas walls to withstand the siege.

Jan 20: Still, the Reavers might have spelled the end for all of us save for the opportune arrival of the Ranks of the Fit. The Ranks broke the siege, scattered the Reavers, and hunted them down to the last so their Ergot could not spread. We then took political control of the area, as was our right. The balance of power in Sudilitas between humans, mutant humans, and Moreaux changed again. 

Jan 21: With the death of our emperor, Napoleon Ursus, blessed be his name, the Ranks have fallen back from our most distant outposts. This has left but a Company of we Black Sheep behind as an auxiliary force. We are too few to govern with Moreax in control, so a balance exists between the Company, the Peace Brigade, the Fulgurator/Restorationists and the Seekers. For now it holds. 

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