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New Salem Character #24: Major Arcana

Major Arcana (Benito ‘Benjamin’ Sforza) 

Pyramid Tier: 0    Experience level: 6

Affect/Gimmick: Tarot Cards, Riddles; his look is an 18th century military officer/warlock at an imperial court. 

Gang?: the Minors;  some people who act as advance agents for him in terms of finding clients, and some who will assist in doctoring individual people's tobacco/drinks/etc. for the effect, and some who act as muscle for him (Swords) 

Status: Major Arcana is an internationally known and feared serial killer, one without a particular territory and one who announces his intentions (more or less) creating a reign of terror when he appears in the city. 

Powers: 3

  1. Astral Projection: He is capable of a form of Astral Projection as per the rulebook, which he uses to scout out people and targets. PR 12 per 1 hour use. People to whom he makes himself visible or audible have to consider magic credible to be able to see him.
  2. Special Requirement: Needs cards (ideally tarot cards, but he can make do with a pack of regular cards) to make his Astral Projection work, and he has to have a spread out in front of him to be focused on. He also HAS TO leave tarot spreads at the first killing of any 3 killing cycle that show the past (this death), the present (what he's working on) and the future (third killing).
  3. Mind Control Item: This is a combination of post hypnotic suggestions and drugs applied through various methods (gas, injection, ingestion) concealed in and about the target that make them act in specific and self destructive/harmful to others fashions. The GM can determine when, or if, this could be allowed in combat. 3 charges per appearance.
  4. Heightened Endurance A: +14
  5. Poison/Venom Item: these are less specific versions of his near magical drugs that attack as Emotion Control and are delivered as gas/contact poison/darts as need be. The specific emotion can be tailored to the moment and comes with illusions A (all senses), and are highly programmable by Arcana in advance. 6 charges per encounter.
Weight: 210      Basic Hits: 5    Agi Mod: +0
S: 13        E: 28        HP: 31
A: 13        I:  17        Pow:  71
C: 15                        Move: 54
Accuracy: +1
Damage Mod: +2
Reactions Mod: +2
Carrying Cap: 942    HTH: 1d8
Inventions: Thee are tied into the specific chemicals and their delivery methods, and don't need to be addressed here.  

Background/Origin: Benito "Benjamin" Sforza was a biochemist until his work led him to muddle with things outside of his awareness. The hallucinogenic madness that claimed him saw him stagger into a street fortune tellers shop and accept anything she told him about himself and his "destiny". Then he murdered her. Still, the event seems to have opened parts of his mind, expanding his pharmacological knowledge and giving him near magical powers with his tarot deck.  

Since that time he has been operating as a hired killer, and a general purpose crazy person. His sprees are always 3 people per city, so anyone who hires him to kill does so knowing two random innocents will meet their end as well. 

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