Sunday, January 21, 2024

New Salem Character #21: Reverend Green

Reverend Green (current identity is Adrian Rose, birth identity unknown)

Pyramid Tier: 6    Experience level: 13

Affect/Gimmick: American evangelicals prosperity gospel preacher meets proper English vicar, he can alternate between turning on the bombastic charm to appearing slightly befuddled by it all as needed.

Gang?: No. If you get to the point where you're meeting him, it's just him.  

Status: He's the head of the New Salem Syndicate. It's hard to imagine how powerful he is. 

Powers: 4

  1. Heightened Agility A: +10, bonus power of silent movement. 
  2. Heightened Intelligence A: +12
  3. Heightened Charisma A: +14, bonus power of using C rather than E for power. 
  4. Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with all attacks. 
  5. Phobia/Psychosis: Has to be in charge of any organization he finds
Weight: 180      Basic Hits: 4    Agi Mod: +0
S: 12        E: 17        HP: 39
A: 28        I:  28        Pow:  85
C: 28                        Move: 57
Accuracy: +5 (+9)
Damage Mod: +5
Reactions Mod: +5
Carrying Cap: 280    HTH: 1d6
Inventions: His house has built in hologram generators where he can appear to be in any room, chatting with his guests. His books contain embedded memetic programming that requires a d% on intelligence to locate IF PLAYERS ASK TO LOOK FOR IT (or if they have some sort of power that would reveal it) that means anyone who has read them has a +4 on reactions to him, and has to make a save on d% vs. C*3 in order to attack him, but they also feel really good about themselves and their capabilites. His private office has an untested teleport gate for a last ditch escape; it will explode after 1 use and to be fair he's not 100% sure it works. His unique idiosyncratic combat style means that weakness detection is only half as effective on him (but you can use it twice to get full effect) and heightened defense is only half as effective for the first time you fight him.

Background/Origin: Whatever his birth name was, the man now known as Adrian Rose climbed to visibility as a televised prosperity gospel preacher, extending the promise of divine love (which, to be fair, he really does help people feel better about themselves) for delicious tax free money. The market for these was awfully crowded and incoherent, but he managed to forge the other preachers into a shared political and daytime television force before he got bored and moved on, leaving the movement to splinter and fester. He started writing self help books (and cozy romance mysteries about an Oregon based baker/café owner/yenta/sleuth) to great acclaim, getting a controlling interest in his publishing house and constructing a small entertainment empire before he grew bored and 'retired' to a wealthy gated community on one of the islands of New Salem. 

Do you know what doesn't bore him? Crime. He finds crime and the power it brings endlessly fascinating. One of his many slightly loony devotees told him about a possible UFO crash and he was able to salvage some tech through it via his contacts and former parishioners, which let him build/rebuild Miss White, and the two of them over the last 14 years have taken over New Salem crime. Only the three members of the Triumvirate have ever seen him face to face and thanks to memetic programs they can't discuss him under questioning. He's at the center of so many evils and such a nice old man.

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