Friday, January 19, 2024

New Salem Character #19: Miss Wight

Miss Wight (Sarcophoga White)

Pyramid Tier: 5    Experience level: 11

Affect/Gimmick: The perfect executive assistant - organized, strategic, tactical, logical, brilliant, beautiful, ageless, albino, android. Visual is 1950's secretary to captain of industry, all in white with albino features. 

Gang?: Yes, The robotic cleaning and household staff of the manor is entirely under her direction and are all combat capable.  

Status: She is known face to face only to the Tier 4 triumvirate, and her existence hinted at enough to the Tier 3 heads that if she appears they won't question it when she backs it up with code words. So through intermediaries she can command nearly all of the Syndicate, but to J random gang member on Tier 1 she's a non-entity.  

Powers: 3

  1.  Android Body: 91% human (completely white skin tone/hair passed off as albinism, but it's just how she's built), 64% healing, +12 Endurance. 
    1. Body Power: Integrative Brain - treat her Intelligence as being quadruple normal for any saves made against it (detections, area of knowledge checks, etc.) and for damage modifier, but not Hit Points or Power Score. She has a photographic memory, and can project images from her memory through her eyes as holograms.
    2. Note: She has a very high weight for her petite frame (5'1", appears to weigh 100 lbs soaking wet), but that's just how the dice fell. 
  2. Adaptation: Per book, power requirement 1 per use as defense or 1 per hour in extreme conditions, Miss Wight can remain crisply turned out and functional at the bottom of the ocean or inside a star. 
  3. Disintegration Ray: the alien energy core that powers Miss Wight can be opened, and the gaping space in her chest can create a regular disintegration ray out to 15" range, or attack everyone in a 3" semicircle in front of her. Either case is PR 2, 1d20 damage.
Weight: 200      Basic Hits: 4  ]  Agi Mod: +0
S: 15        E: 30        HP: 41
A: 14        I: 15/60    Pow:  64
C: 16                        Move: 59
Accuracy: +1
Damage Mod: +9
Reactions Mod: +2
Carrying Cap: 525    HTH: 1d18
Inventions: Her super-alloy clipboard is Structural rating 20, and can be used either to hit people (+2 to hit, +1d4 damage) or as Armor (65 ADR) with her integrative brain being able to predict and 'bullets and bracelets" attacks. Her tricked out fountain pen is a dagger (+1 to hit, +1d2 damage) and can create a curiously buoyant ink cloud that acts as total darkness in a 3" radius for 2 turns - she can't see through it but she can use her I rather than A as a save for moving in it without harm. Her toxic business cards can, with skin to skin contact, negate someone's ability to use their super powers (Paralysis ray attack, d% save vs. E per turn to get them back); she can apply these to any open skin with a special attack in melee, but normally she just hands them out to anyone dumb enough to not have gloves. 

Background/Origin:  No one is really sure whether the head of the Syndicate, Reverend Green, created her himself around the alien power core he found, or if she is the last remnant of the alien ship, but in any event "Miss Sarcophaga White" is her latest name (Previously Miss Bianca Snow, Miss Ivory Ecru, and so on). She's a funny functioning and completely independent AI, and her loyalty to Reverend Green is earned, not programmed. She finds humans, and their collapses into dissolution, endlessly fascinating and enjoys watching them from up close as the second in command of the Syndicate. She's been at his side for the decades that he's been running the Syndicate and, by extension, most of New Salem, and its slow dissolution to chaos is her hobby. 

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