Thursday, January 25, 2024

New Salem Character #25: Fenris

Fenris (Angar Angarsson)

Pyramid Tier: 0    Experience level: 5

Affect/Gimmick: It's the World Most Dangerous Game, only he hunts his prey in mentally controlled wolf robot, and transmits the hunt back to the client who wanted the prey dead.  

Gang?: No, but he does have a crew of engineers who help him maintain WORG and the rig. They are all neo-Nazi jackasses with delusions of competence but they are barely more combat worthy than your average man on the street. 

Status: Fenris is a known and respected quantity to the Syndicate. He's not a member but he clears his targets, pays his dues and takes no chances with them. They appreciate that. They've never called on his services (that's what they have the Talon and Aces for) but that doesn't mean they can't.... 

Powers: 3

  1. Transformation A Device - Power Activation: when in 'the rig' he is controlling the WORG, a giant wolf robot. This activate the following powers 
    1. Robot Body: As per the book, this is an enormous wolf-robot that he drives around in a trailer off the back of his pristine Ford F-150. It has the following abilities: 
      1. 0% human (but a very convincing wolf!), 0% self healing. 
      2. Heightened Strength C+18, weight x4
      3. Animal/Plant Powers Device - Mammal: Wolf
        1. Natural Weaponry: +3 to hit, +1d8 damage
        2. Speed Bonus" +70" ground (total speed 29 mph)
        3. Lowered Intelligence: -5, due to lag delay from the rig.
        4. Heightened Senses: His baseline detect danger is as if he had 0 Intelligence (30%) as an animal; can track via scent, has low-light vision via light amplification, and can receive/block radio transmissions
    2. Psionics Item: The WORG to Rig link can also send information to the client so they can experience the hunt first hand (he convinces them that they are directing it, for greater client experience, but they are not - though he can feel what they would _like_ to do and may incorporate it). As an attack power Fenris can direct this at the target as a Mind Control attack that does 4d10 Movement damage, potentially freezing the target in the place for the round. 30" range, 6 uses. 
  2. Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with the WORG melee attacks, and also with a hunting rifle.  
Weight: 180/720            Basic Hits: 4/15    Agi Mod: +0/-4
S: 13/31        E: 14        HP: 13/66
A: 17/13        I:  16/11    Pow:  65 (splitting the difference)
C: 13                             Move: 44/128
Accuracy: +2 (+10 with rifle) /+1 (+8 with WORG melee attacks)
Damage Mod: +2/+1
Reactions Mod: +1
Carrying Cap:  278 / 11,228   HTH: 1d6 / 2d10
Inventions: He has a top of the line rifle scope that he can use for nightvision and increased range (base is HTH+4/1d10 damage/ 204" range). He also has an Armored Hunting Vest (can roll with double amount for non-special attacks). His Encrypted Comms Rig can be used to summon his support crew to help with the WORG or intercept police. 

Background/Origin: Angar is a great white hunter with the emphasis on white. A neo-Nazi idealist he led safaris for his customers across Africa to experience the thrill of the kill. When his odious politics and obvious contempt for the locals got him banned from most of his work countries, he moved to the States, where he somehow forged an arrangement with a fascist cell working on high tech robotics. That got him access to the WORG, and once he found a crew of people to maintain it for him on his dime he (mostly) severed ties and went off on his own. 

He knows someday he'll probably have to pay back WORG's original creators, or kill them, but so far things are amicable enough. He uses his old client list of incredibly wealthy, bloodthirsty, borderline sociopaths who he can convince to pay him bundles to let them really experience the hunt. it's a boutique and personal form of assassination (usually of business rivals or journalists or other irritants) or just casual killing (that one, right there, I like the look of her, here's a quarter of a million....). 

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  1. Nice, by which I mean not nice at all!

    Reminds me a bit of the "most dangerous game" villain in Psycho-Pass (ah. Senguji, who is Japanese but does read a bit like a Nazi in several important ways, and, well, hunts people with cyber-dogs and a rifle).