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New Salem Character #22: the Cat Who Walks Through Walls

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (Lamont Washington)

Pyramid Tier: 0    Experience level: 1

Affect/Gimmick: 1970's Blaxploitation Hero, akin to Shaft or Dolomite. He may be out of style with today, but he's a badass from another decade. Important are the shades, the big hat, and the leather gloves.

Gang?: No. He's not established enough for that.  

Status: He's a very small fish with a very specific niche, but he can surprise people with his unusual power. He's also using the name of an established villain from another era, which might earn him respect or derision.  

Powers: 2

  1. Speed Bonus Device: +40" tunneling speed (so 40" total). The actual speed is 40" divided by the structural rating of what he's tunneling through, up to SR 13 (which is 3" speed). This comes from specially tailored chemicals that melt a path for him through solids, so it has some secondary abilities
    1. He can make a touch range chemical powers attack 4 times per day for 2d8 damage, but he almost never does this because it melts the flesh off the target and that's not the kind of cat he is. 
    2. He can spend one action turning on a Chemical Powers defense for the fight (taking one of his attack charges), but he can't use this with his Ice Powers Device.
  2. Ice Powers Device (Modified) - Foam Gun: This larger than normal pistol (with hose connected to a pack under his jacket) attacks as Ice Powers at 7" range, coating the target in rapidly hardening air-permeable chemically inert foam. The foam is assumed to be Structural Rating 1 and have chemical powers defense, so it's very hard to burn or freeze. He has 22 charges. 
    1. For damage, roll 1d12 and use that for base damage. Anything that would be HP of damage is then reduced by half, but doubled when it comes to cubic feet of foam coating the target. This doubled damage is also done to the targets Movement Rate for this round. In order to keep this flexible in use it disintegrates pretty fast, losing 1 cubic foot between turns. Each cubit foot reduces target carry cap by 50 lbs. due to both weight and bulk. If the target's moment is reduced to 0, or their carrying capacity is overloaded, they can't move until they break free of the foam. 1 charge per attack. 
    2. He is assumed to have 80 ADR of 'foam armor' at the start of the fight, which is him shooting incoming attacks out of the air with the foam gun. His reflexes will dim and he has to worry about supply as the fight goes on, which is why the ADR drops. Any melee attack blocked by the armor leaves the weapon (or the opponents fist/foot) coated with 1 cubic foot of foam
    3. He can create foam walls, slides, basic geometric etc. of varying sizes and shapes as needed, using 1 inch of movement per cubic foot. The foam is watertight and buoyant.  It also deforms under pressure and can be used to make 'airbags' in a pinch.
  3. Phobia/Psychosis: Obsessed with learning who killed his uncle. 
Weight: 170      Basic Hits: 4    Agi Mod: +0
S: 13        E: 14        HP: 10
A: 13        I:  14        Pow:  54
C: 28                        Move: 40
Accuracy: +1
Damage Mod: +1
Reactions Mod: +1
Carrying Cap: 262    HTH: 1d6
Inventions: None yet, other than his devices

Background/Origin: Lamont Washington is the nephew of the Kermit Washington, the original Cat Who Walks Through Walls. The original had a device that let him enter a ghostlike state, but it disappeared when his uncle did. Lamont was the one who found the cache of his uncle's stolen monies and journals, but he just wasn't a good enough physicist to recreate the intangibility device. What he did do was use the money to get a degree in chemical engineering, eventually becoming the scientific brains behind BTB "better than biped" Shipping, which uses hyper-efficient, chemically inert spray foam packaging to move fragile goods around New Salem. They company is getting ready to go national. 

Which brought them to the attention of the Syndicate, and Edward Bear started demanding protection money, if not a cut of the company. Washington paid, but seethed, and realized that these men must have had something to do with his uncles death. Constructing his own method for being the Cat Who Walks Through Walls he's stealing the protection money he's paying out back from the Syndicate while trying to figure out which of them killed his uncle. 

He is woefully unprepared for that answer. But until then he's a cool cat burglar and syndicate front robber with a unique ability to get places. He's not a killer yet, but he is a crook, and he's got no interest in helping anyone else. If the Syndicate ever catches him, he might run to the PCs for help. 

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