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New Salem Character #17: Raidy O'Reilly

Raidy O'Reilly (Raymond O'Reilly)

Pyramid Tier: 4    Experience level: 9

Affect/Gimmick: Tough as nails special forces officer, partial bearing, black-and-grey 'army uniform' in mercenary style, outfitted with the cutting edge of military technology. 

Gang?: Yes, Acheron Inc. Named for the Blackwater <ahem> of the underworld, this is a privately owned mercenary company that contracts with the US government and, thanks to bribes and corruption, has a dispensation to operate in the state that houses New Salem.  

Status: He is one of the 'public' triumvirate that runs the New Salem Syndicate (not really public but he's part of the firewall that blocks the real leaders), he is also their contact with the Federal and military bureaucracy.  

Powers: 5

  1. Bionics: After his injuries in "the war" Raidy received metallic replacements. Originally a plate in his skull and metallic jaw that by quirk let him receive radio communications and an experimental nerve controlled hook-claw, he has upgraded with the times. 
    1. Metal skull/jaw: This acts as 45 ADR armor during combat, as many shots are aimed at the head even if they aren't special attacks. In his case it takes a special attack to state you aren't hitting the head and avoiding the chance of the armor taking the blow. (The % reduction is mostly opponents remembering this and changing their style to suit without needing). Any actual special attack to the head to try to KO him has to deal with 5 points of invulnerability per hit. 
    2. Radio Gear: imbedded in his skull/jaw is a highly advanced radio send/receive rig that is vocally controlled (it's not mentally triggered). He can set this so that he alone hears it, or it is broadcast, or he can use it just to amplify his voice. 
    3. Paralysis Ray Device: This has 9 charges, and it's him using his radio gear in a tight beam microwave burst to 'cook' his opponents brain, rendering them unconscious. 10" range. He can use this to kill people (a second hit on an unconscious person removes all their Power, a third all their HP), but doesn't because he has used this in the past in wartime and the forensics would lead right to him. Not worth the risk when a bullet does the same thing. 
    4. Bionic Hand: Because of course he has a bionic hand. Treat this as natural weaponry +2 to hit, +1d6 damage, with the bonus power that if he makes a special attack to grab something he does double damage. The hand has Adaptation defense vs. chemical/fire/ice and with a saved action and agility save he can block those attacks. 
    5. Other Replacement Parts: while other aging men just have joints replaced, Raidy has the money and contacts to have his replaced with cutting edge parts. Treat this as Heighted Strength, Agility, and Endurance C +4 each. 
  2. Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with all modern military weapons (including unarmed combat), as well as a +4/+20% on reactions from his men or other military types, tactics, strategy, logistics, recovery from being knocked out or paralyzed, resisting mind/emotion control, and detecting danger/ambushes. He is a highly experienced soldier and leader.
  3. Heightened Defense: -4 to be hit when conscious and mobile, from military training.
  4. Physical Handicap - Old Metal Man: he only gets the bad parts from the Bionics defense (increased chance to be hit by chemical powers, ice powers, lightning control and magnetic powers), and he can't train his S, E or A any higher than they are now. 
Weight: 230      Basic Hits: 5    Agi Mod: +0
S: 21        E: 15        HP: 32
A: 17        I: 16         Pow:  68         
C: 17                        Move: 53"
Accuracy: +2 or +4 modern military weapons or +6 with bionic hand
Damage Mod: +2
Reactions Mod: +2
Carrying Cap: 1237    HTH: 1d10
Inventions: all of his Advance Military Tech is an extra +1 to hit and has another multiple of his Agility for range when applicable. 

Background/Origin: Back during the war special forces sergeant Raymond O'Reilly was seriously damaged by a bomb blast, and when put back together they learned he was a universal receiver - his body was naturally able to take implants. More than that, the replacement skull and jaw somehow let him pick up radio waves. While they tried to send him home he snuck back to the front lines, where his ability to operate without a radio and the violet possibilities of his new hook let him succeed in a major mission. The brass got the message and moved him to their Super-Solider unit, code named "Raidy O'Reilly". There were even comic books and a radio show about him. 

After the war Raidy made himself a proper officer by starting his own mercenary company, Acheron Inc., because they are a river of woe on their enemies. Working in hot zones for the US government and corporate security for anyone who can pay, they travelled around the globe before settling in New Salem. Already corrupt as hell from his prior work, he had no  problem slotting himself in as the private army of the Syndicate, even as Acheron purchased a tech company from OMEGA, naming it OBOL, and using O'Reilly's contacts to enter the US military contractor pipeline. 

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