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New Salem Character 12: Coyote

Coyote (Samuel Byrne)

Pyramid Tier: 2    Experience level: 4

Affect/Gimmick: Motorcycle villain - Black and grey pattered full armored bodysuit - with a Wiley Coyote on his left breast and on the tank of his bike. He is every inch the biker badass.

Gang?: Yes. Just use the stats for the Nicotines, they are the gang he took over when he retired from being a corrupt cop. They are as much a stereotypical biker gang. Interestingly, Marquise and Emerald used to ride with them.

Status: Coyote handles all the illicit land transport in and out of New Salem; this includes human trafficking for the Enormity and moving stolen goods for Loupe, both of whom report up through him. He also arranges robberies on roads, trains, truck depots and train yards.  

Powers: 4

  1. Invulnerability Device: his whole get up gives him 11 points of invulnerability. Remember that falling damage is divided by current invulnerability score.  
  2. Special Weapon: his semi-automatic riot shotgun, which is +3 to hit, +1d8 damage when he hits you with it or +3 to hit, 2d8 damage if he shoots you with it. He has a variety of specialized shells (tracking device, explosive charge as grenade, incendiary for carried flame powers attack for 1d12). 
  3. Animated Servant: ACME is a futuristically advance artificial intelligence that runs a fabrication plant in New Salem to create the gear Coyote uses, and to provide support for 'races'. His link to this is through his motorcycle helmet, though ACME has a separate link. Rather than roll for a second initiative, treat his Initiative Interval as 8 rather than 15 (so with a roll of 10 he acts on 25, ACME goes on 17, he goes on 9, and ACME goes on 1). ACME can use its actions to 
    1. Move the motorcycle, attack with it physically, or activate its missiles. 
    2. Weakness Detect an opponent within 15". This only provides the attack bonus (+5), not any weakness, and it only lasts for this fight. ACME transmits this bonus to Coyote via a heads up targeting display in the helmet. 
    3. Make any sort of radio communication, or make Coyote, bike, and any passengers invisible to non-visal EM detection like radar.
    4. If Coyote is inside ACME's plant, he can get in a reconstruction chamber to fully recover all HP in 24 hours. 
  4. Vehicle: His hyper-advanced, turbine powered motorcycle has 
    1. absolute precision (+4 on any melee attacks or saves it makes), 
    2. 300 mph top speed, Can carry 1 rider + passenger, along with 150 lbs.gear 
    3. 20 structural rating super-alloy frame; It has 11 points of invulnerability from general damage and can take 20 HP before damaged, 50 before demolished. 
    4. When it is connected to ACME it has a 50 Power score for rolling with damage and can act independently from that power score. 
    5. It has missile launchers (treat as small bombs), out to 30" range.12 missiles, and can fire 2 at once without the usual multi-attack rules
    6. Is EM shielded, any chance to use lighting control on it is at one half chance
Weight: 180          Basic Hits: 4      Agi Mod: +0
S: 19     E: 16        HP: 21 
A: 15     I:  13         Pow: 63
C: 13                      Move: 50"
Accuracy: +2
Damage Mod: +1
Reactions Mod: +1
Carrying Cap: 761    HTH: 1d8
Inventions: His invulnerability suit has an electronic exoskeleton that gives him Heightened Strength C +4 for 6 hours at a time (without it he is 15 STR, carry cap 380, 1d6 dam). 

Background/Origin: Back in the day there was a smuggler and police distraction artist (think Smokey and the Bandit) code named Roadrunner. She would make the police look like fools while being a Robin Hood style criminal across the American Southwest. No one was more dedicated to capturing her than Detective Samuel Byrne, always playing the Washington Generals to her Harlem Globetrotters. 

One day she made a critical mistake: she approached him in person, as part of the game, knowing she had a way out. And he was bright and charming and interested. They had coffee. Coffee led to drinks. Byrne retired from the police. Drinks led to sex. Sex led to romance. Until she invited him into her secret base in New Salem, across the country. 

She never revealed that she was a time traveler back here to play in a time where she could meet her need for speed and helping people. She never told him about the dimensional travel aspects of ACME. But he was so befuddled by her tech, needed her to explain it over and over, it was so cute. She showed him how much she cared. 

And suddenly he wasn't cute. He wasn't befuddled. And with a knife in hand in bed he commented on what a big heart she had. 

Byrne had learned enough of the passwords and tech to make ACME work for him - the parts he knew about - and fabricated new Roadrunner gear in his size, branded for the Coyote. He can caught the Roadrunner and eaten her. Finally. 

Byrne is heartless and cruel. As a corrupt cop he knows police procedure and how to circumvent it, not that it matters much when the New Salem cops are already this corrupt. He's totally on board with the Enormity's perversions, bringing people in sometimes for the warlock of Covenant Park to break. He knows he has an in to Loupes crew so he trusts that. As stated earlier, the Syndicate trusts him because he gets things done. 

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