Sunday, January 28, 2024

Lore 24: Sudilitas - the threats to the city

Jan 22: Being a military man I have to expand on the threats facing Sudilitas. First and foremost are the agents of the Dark Emperors, angry at the theft of their thaumaturgy. They control the trade routes to Sudilitas from two directions, cutting us off from the Ranks of the Fit to the Southeast. 

Jan 23: To the southwest are the remains of a massive city from before the great upheaval. There are so many secrets there to be uncovered, but a cult of Radioactivists worshipping "the glow" that coats parts of those structures. To be fair, the glows are very pretty on clear nights, but the Radioactivists presenace makes our forays there even more fraught. 

Jan 24: To the north are the Badders, a kingdom in the Holy Roan Empire. Getting the Badders to embrace feudalism was the greatest coup of that offsoot of the Zoopremicists. Foisting that brand of Moreaux supremacy (which was so much better articulated by our own beloved departed emperor) was a blow to the world

Jan 25: To the east, a short distance away, lies the Great Lake. That lake holds the remains of several cities of the Ancients, which only the foolish think were originally constructed there rather than falling prey to changing coastlines. Ragged mutant and Moreaux communities lie between us and the lakes treasures of fish and artifacts; some can be traded with. Some Can't. 

Jan 26: To the west are several patches of forest, scrub, another various terrain each with pockets of true breeding Moreaux like Floops and mutants such as Gren. Our relation with these other communities vary with the seasons and the strengths of our respective harvests. Without the Ranks here our position weakens. 

Jan 27: Overhead? You have heard then of the floating city that occludes our sun for three days in the 7th moon ever year? Some cults of Archivists or trinities of Brothhood or Healers follow its path, but we have heard no stories of anyone reaching its streets or breaching its walls, and it ignores all attempts art communication. 

Jan 28: One Sleeth fulgurator of our community, Slithertongue by name, claimed that he had discovered the codes for entering that place, but demanded... DEMANDED!... that we violate the request of RWN and dig down into her ruins before he would hare those codes. We exiled him to the east, of course. Such attempt of one to demand control of all will not be tolerated. 

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