Sunday, January 7, 2024

Lore24: Sudilitas, the last city

Jan 1: At the center of Sudilitas lies the tomb of They-Are-Gone, the ruler of the incomprehensibly ancient world of 2200, before the Great Upheaval. His tomb is watched by RWN, a robot of endless race, endless love. Some days, she will sing his praises to Pure Strain Humans who visit. 

Jan 2: By RWN's accounts, They-Are-Gone was an ever greater ruler and our own Napoleon Ursus, blessings on his name. While this is hard to fathom, the carvings she... we think she... made in the unearthed rotunda around the grave, the tomb, speak to glories unimagined. 

Jan 3: We found RWN 13 meters before the surface while building Sudilitas. She politely asked is Moureax... that is what she calls us, and Ursus' gallipots said they knew the word when the Emperor came to speak with RWN... she asked that we dig no deeper. We have heeded that request. 

Jan 4: The second lowest floor of Sudilitas is 10m below the level earth, and is the garden floor and pathways between the concentric tiers of the city. The Emperor called us 'autochthonous', our inhabitants appear to spring from the ground. The excavations that made the city form its walls. Earth is kind. 

Jan 5: The generation before us measued the space of Sudilitas and and began to dig. The earth was shifted outside, forming the illusion of the gentle hill that hides us from approach. Invisible until you crest the hill and see the defensive works of the slope into the city, and then the wall around us. 

Jan 6: Inside the city are two concentric squares of two to three story structures, built so that everywhere gets light, everywhere gets rain, with aqueducts and reservoirs to preserve the rain for the dry times for our drinking and gardens. A place of order worth protecting. Even before the lights....

Jan 7: The fulgerators of Sudilitas as legend; they are why the Emperor extended so far to protect us. The three wind turbines on the plains to our south spin day and night, driving the rebuilt ancient machines that give the city the gift of tamed lightning. 

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