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New Salem Character 4: Handicap

Handicap (Vincent Molinaro and Sally)

Pyramid Tier: 2    Experience level: 4

Affect/Gimmick: Imagine if Steve Buschemi from Reservoir Dogs were playing a bookie and loan shark, but he also had a female version of Solomon Grundy as his muscle. Yeah. It's that. Vinnie isn't a costumed criminal, he's a weaselly bully backed by the biggest, most loyal attack dog. There's nothing fun or charming about him,

Gang?: No, Sally takes up all of that space. This means that the PCs might have more of an advantage in the action economy without the gang, but Berta is plenty nasty.

Status: He's a nasty node on the Pyramid whose muscle supports the people above him. Eight Ball dotted line connects to him because of her using Francis Park, his turf, for her numbers racket.

Powers: 1

  1. Animated Servant: So Vinnie doesn't have any powers; he's an average enough guy, 8-13 in all his stats, call it 4 HP, 32" move, 45 Power. The big issue is Berta, the wood and earth infused reanimated corpse of his roller derby girlfriend. From here on in, these are stats for Sally. 
  2. Chemical Powers - Plant and Earth: On nights of the full moon, in moonlight, she changes back to her old living self, but otherwise she's permanently transformed.
    1. Her weight is increased by x3.4 and she gains 15 points of Strength
    2. Her body provides her with the Chemical Powers defense type.  
    3. Due to her size the disturbing tendency of her hands and feet to get bigger when she grabs for you, she can choose to have make a Chemical Powers attack for  2d8 damage. Power Requirement 8, which appears as an HTH attack. 
    4. This does  as a carrier attack for her HTH, so she can follow up with an HTH attack for her basic damage; this is always assumed to be a special attack (without the need for another roll) as she is good at grabbing limbs and ripping them off.  
    5. While she is standing on earth, she spends no power for anything and automatically recovers all lost power, as per Water Breathing B(it has to be actual earth or soil; tarmac doesn't cut it).
  3. Heightened Expertise: as a former roller derby queen, Sally has +4 with both her Chemical Powers and HTH attacks. Note that she can choose to make a standard attack with HTH if she chooses to do so, and will if her power score is getting low. 
Weight: 540    Basic Hits: 11    Agi Mod: -4
S: 30        E: 15        HP: 50            
A: 14        I: 5           Pow: 63          
C: 15 (ferocity)         Move: 45"        
Accuracy: +1, or +5 unarmed/chemical powers
Damage Mod: +0
Reactions Mod: +
Carrying Cap: 7268    HTH: 2d8
Inventions: No. He's not clever enough and she doesn't need them 

Background/Origin: Vinnie Molinaro and Sally Grund were the power couple of the Francis Park underworld, him working as an assistant for a major bookmaker and her as a roller derby queen. Then one day her team lost when they should have by all rights won, and Vinnie's boss got really mad thinking they had thrown the match. Decided to take it out on poor Sally and Vinnie. Brought them to the marshy riverside, made Vinnie watch while his boys beat Sally to death and threw her in the muck. Then they went to work on him. But before they could finish, Sally came back out of the swamp and remonstrated with them. 

Remonstrated most fiercely. 

Vinnie took over the bookmaking and loan sharking operations around Francis Park at that point. Should have happened years ago, people said, it's just Vinnie wasn't taken seriously. He didn't have the muscle. Well, that's not so much a problem now. 

Authors Notes: Is this a love letter to the Batman: Brave and the Bold version of Solomon Grundy, with his 1950's mobster affect and mouth sewn shut? Of course it is. I have at least one more Batman Expy villain coming as well. 

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